About Us

Biocycle Systems have been manufacturing and installing aerated wastewater treatment systems since 1990. The first Biocycle wastewater treatment system was successfully installed in Australia in 1985. These systems are also effectively installed in Canada, United Kingdom, United States and Ireland.

Biocycle first gained approval in New South Wales in 1985. There are now over 20,000 domestic Biocycle Systems in operation around the world.

All our Biocycle Systems are installed by highly trained and qualified people whose expertise and experience can support any given situation. A wastewater treatment system will only perform as good as the service it receives, which is why we have such authorised installers and service people on the job who are able to assist and answer any operational questions that arise.

The principles of Biocycle Systems are based on well-understood and established scientific rules which we have applied in a more efficient way. Biocycle Systems' specialty is being able to handle on-site domestic sewage disposal. This system has proven to work successfully in thousands of homes throughout New Zealand and in different countries around the world. It is accepted by all local authorities in New Zealand as a completely reliable sewage disposal system.

There are different Biocycle System options to suit different requirements, larger capacity tanks for large homes and complexes, septic tank conversion kits and surface or below ground irrigation systems.

Biocycle Systems make it possible to:

  • Provide a permanent solution to localised septic tank waste disposal
  • Protect the environment at the same time
  • Reuse waste-borne nutrients
  • Make better use of our resources